Dr. Anand Kumar Sajnani

Pediatric Dentistry
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English , Hindi

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  • MDS (Hons) (Hong Kong)
  • MSc (U.K.)
  • With more than 16 years of clinical experience, and having performed various clinical procedures on children of different ethnic backgrounds, Dr. Sajnani brings to KIMS Qatar Medical Centre a truly international experience. His clinical interests include treating children with early childhood caries (decay), management of children with special needs including cleft lip and palate; management of children with deleterious oral habits, surgical procedures for children and adolescents, management of maxillofacial injuries, management of children with need for orthodontic treatment and management of children with dental anomalies. Dr. Sajnani has a special interest in Preventive Dentistry and imbibes the principle of Evidence Based Medicine into clinical practice to enhance patient care.
  • Furthermore, he completed his post graduate training in Cancer Biology, Molecular Pathology and Genomics from the prestigious Queen Mary University of London and is very passionate about research in this field. He has contributed significantly to his fraternity by publishing various scientific articles in International Journals.
  • MDS with Distinction
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