Dr. Narayan Nair | Dentistry

Languages Known :

English, Hindi, Malayalam, Tamil, Arabic

Designation :

General Dentist

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Doctor's Profile

  • MDS
  • BDS
  • Root Canal Treatment
  • Direct and indirect restorations
  • Aesthetic Rehabilitation
  • Extractions
  • Oral prophylaxis
  • Crowns and bridges
  • Removable partial and complete denture
  • N/A
  • Indian Association of conservative dentistry and Endodontics
  • Devadathan A, Jacob J, Simon AM, Thomas A, Nair NA. Mode of failure of amalgam,restorations bonded with resin adhesive and light cure glass ionomer liner/base – ASEM study. J Adv Med Dent ScieRes 2017;5(5):77-81.
  • Mathew J, Nair M, Nair NA, James B, SyriacG.Ocular hazards from use of lightemitting diodes in dental operatory.J Indian Acad Dent Spec Res 2017;4:28-31.
  • Nair N, James B, Devadathan A, Johny MK, Mathew J, Jacob J. Comparative evaluation of antibiofilm efficacy of chitosan nanoparticle and zinc oxide nanoparticle- incorporated calcium hydroxide-based sealer: An In vitro study. Contemp Clin Dent 2018;9:434-9



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