Our Dentistry department houses a full roster of Dentists, Orthodontists, Paedodontics and Endodontists. Our expert doctors use advanced techniques to ensure good oral health. We offer comprehensive evaluation of oral health based on which preventive and conservative measures and treatments are advised.

Our Doctors

Dr. Najma Nazeer

General Dentist


KIMSHEALTH Medical Center Barwa

  • General and conservative dentistry including fillings, crowns and bridges, Endodontic treatments including root canal, re-root canal, post and core
  • Orthodontic treatment for children and adults for correction malocclusion such as crowding, proclination, deep bite and open bite
  • Use of traditional braces, esthetic brackets, self-ligating brackets and space maintainers
  • Managing growth modification with myofunctional appliances
  • Pediatric dental care with check-up, preservation of milk teeth, treatment and prevention of caries, pit and fissures sealing and fluoride applications
  • Aesthetic Dental Treatments, including smile designing, tooth colored fillings, veneers, stain removal
  • Treatment of Halitosis (bad breath), dental hypersensitivity and gum diseases
  • Dental care for diabetic patients


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